Today I have a challenge for you, dear reader; but first a little context.

Each year, the PCHE course has a couple of special interest sessions: optional workshops to look at issues related to learning and teaching in HE.

For a number of years this has included a session on blended learning, run by previous PCHE graduate AC. This year I offered him my assistance, little knowing that he would soon be offered a new job leaving me with an opportunity to lead the whole session.

So, that session is next Wednesday, and as well as selling the use of technology in teaching, I’d also like to demonstrate it’s use for professional development; this ties in nicely with themes of reflective practice and social learning.

To that end, I would like to ask you, the readers, to take a few seconds to answer the following question:

What is your top reason for using technology in teaching?

To start the ball rolling, here’s one from me:

To make courses interesting, we should make use of a wide variety of different media, particularly those with which our students are fluent.

Please leave your answer in the comment section, or tweet me. I’ll summarise the responses on the blog next week, and they’ll also help me persuade a group of keen, talented new teachers to make more use of elearning.