Well, I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, but I’ve finally got the hosting sorted out and got on with it. The site is based on Wordpress MU and the theme is a customised version of the Hybrid framework. All of the content from my old site is here, so update your links. I’m still not entirely happy with everything yet, so it’ll probably change a bit over the next few weeks, but I’m learning to accept when things are good enough and override my perfectionist instincts. I’ll probably blog some more about the process of setting up the site.

Any feedback would be very welcome: just leave a comment below. I’ve installed the Comment Luv plugin, so if you enter a blog URL when you leave a comment it’ll show a link to your latest blog post. How’s that for generosity!

Also, for the benefit of Technorati, my verification code for this blog: pe7ajbxvfz