As I’ve grown older, I’ve gradually made more conscious attempts to think about what I want my life to be like. Like most people, I’m typically rubbish at either making or keeping New Year’s resolutions, so this year I’m following David Seah’s Groundhog Day Resolutions pattern.

The idea is to start thinking about the resolutions around Christmas and actually commit to them on the 2nd of February (2/2) and then review them on 3rd March (3/3), 4th April (4/4) etc. I’m not making these solid commitments, but things that I want to track my progress against. It’s ok to let one or two go if I don’t have the time — I’m not Superman after all.

I hope that by publishing this that I’m more likely to follow through on the process, and that it will prompt others to do the same.

Do more

  • Blogging;
    • My strategy here is to write shorter posts — this one is an example;
  • Playing Go;
  • Photography;
  • Running (10k target time 50 minutes);
  • Walking with Elly and friends;
  • Playing music, at home and socially.

Do less

  • Watching crap telly;
  • Avoiding things that are important but not urgent (housework, taxes, etc.).

Keep the same

  • Kicking ass at work;
  • Meeting new and interesting people;
  • Morris dancing.