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The main conference opened today with an inspiring keynote by Barend Mons, Professor in Biosemantics, Leiden University Medical Center. The talk had plenty of great stuff, but two points stood out for me. First, Prof Mons described a newly discovered link between Huntingdon’s Disease and a previously unconsidered gene. No-one had previously recognised this link, but on mining the literature, an indirect link was identified in more than 10% of the roughly 1 million scientific claims analysed.

I’m at the International Digital Curation Conference 2016 (#IDCC16) in Amsterdam this week. It’s always a good opportunity to pick up some new ideas and catch up with colleagues from around the world, and I always come back full of new possibilities. I’ll try and do some more reflective posts after the conference but I thought I’d do some quick reactions while everything is still fresh. Monday and Thursday are pre- and post-conference workshop days, and today I attended Developing Research Data Management Services.