I'm trying to move away from relying on any one forge (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, etc.) for project hosting, so here's a rundown of some of the little open source projects I have scattered around the web right now.

Some of them have their own issue trackers — feel free to tell me about bugs or make pull requests there — but you can also send me bugs, comments or patches at


Projects that can be considered current: I may or may not have made any significant changes to them recently, but I certainly use them and I would love it if you did too!


A simple CLI interface to basic Matrix room admin tasks.

Template iPython magics 🎩

This package provides simple IPython magics to render cells as templates in a variety of different templating languages. It currently supports Mako and Jinja2.


A small collection of useful scripts for users of reMarkable paper tablets.

Dormant or nascent

Projects that I've started and done some work on, often to the point of a working prototype, or that are just ideas so far, and that I intend to develop further at some point.


Execute OpenRefine JSON scripts without OpenRefine (or Java).


Read CSVY ( data packages from Python.


Experiments & toys

Things that were done to try something out, or to do a very simple job that I no longer need.

  • doi2oa
  • altmedals2012
  • runkeeper-data
  • Shipton Mill queue checker

Educational examples

Things that simply exist to demonstrate for others how a thing can be done.

Demo of using the "flakes" feature of NixOS and it's cross-platform package manager, nix, to specify the dependencies for a Binder of Jupyter notebooks.
Demo of accessing the Zenodo REST API from Python to fetch records.


Stuff that I started and used for a while, but which no longer serve any purpose for me. Feel free to learn from these or fork them as the basis for something of your own

A really simple tool to generate documents from data, code and templates. Heavily inspired by Org mode for Emacs. I mostly use org-mode or Jupyter Notebooks for this these days.
An emacs package to detect conflicted copies of files in your Dropbox on open.


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