I'm trying to move away from relying on any one forge (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, etc.) for project hosting, so here's a rundown of some of the little open source projects I have scattered around the web right now.

Some of them have their own issue trackers — feel free to tell me about bugs or make pull requests there — but you can also send me bugs, comments or patches at


Projects that can be considered current: I may or may not have made any significant changes to them recently, but I certainly use them and I would love it if you did too!


A simple CLI interface to basic Matrix room admin tasks.

Template iPython magics 🎩

This package provides simple IPython magics to render cells as templates in a variety of different templating languages. It currently supports Mako and Jinja2.


A small collection of useful scripts for users of reMarkable paper tablets.


Projects that I've started and done some work on, often to the point of a working prototype, and that I intend to develop further, but which haven't seen any love recently.


Execute OpenRefine JSON scripts without OpenRefine (or Java).


Read CSVY ( data packages from Python.

Experiments & toys

Things that were done to try something out, or to do a very simple job that I no longer need.

  • doi2oa

  • altmedals2012

  • runkeeper-data

  • Shipton Mill queue checker

Educational examples

Things that simply exist to demonstrate for others how a thing can be done.

  • binder-nix-flakes

  • zenodo-example-py


Stuff that I started and used for a while, but which no longer serve any purpose for me. Feel free to learn from these or fork them as the basis for something of your own


An emacs package to detect conflicted copies of files in your Dropbox on open.


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